Uhuru is complimented by Silver Spoonful

Tanya of SilverSpoonful on Etsy has made good comments about our pig Uhuru on her blog Silver Spoonful.
She said:
One item that I especially love is this amigurumi pig named Uhuru.  There’s a sad story behind this little sweetie.  Be sure to read about the Wilbur project in the link in the listing description! 
Thanks, Tanya!

This post was in response to a blog I wrote on the Create In Christ blog called "Wednesday's News and Tips Photo Composition." Tanya's picture of one of her stamped forks shows a good example of the Rule of Thirds and other issues I was trying to illustrate. Here is a link to her post:

Still a Challenge

You should go visit SilverSpoonful. Tanya's designs make wonderful gift items for coffee and/or tea baskets, weddings. Sayings on the spoons can serve as nice reminders when you drink your favorite cuppa. Here are some pictures: