For the people affected by the tragedy in Boston ...

I just wanted to put up a quick post to all of those who are hurting as a result of the terrifying events that took place in Boston yesterday.

My family's prayers are with you. We pray that God will bring his comfort to you whether you lost a loved one, got hurt or know someone who was hurt. We pray that God will give you peace if you were there and saw it all happen. We pray for those of you who were there to help. God bless you for your sacrifice and your caring nature.

We also pray that God will bring the people who did this awful thing to justice. We pray that God will give wisdom to law enforcement officers of every branch to bring these people in before they can cause more harm.

I also pray that the Christian community would be kind to the hurting people. Don't blame God for this. Don't say that he caused it or allowed it. Don't say it is God's judgment. Just be quiet if you cannot say anything that will bring healing.

With compassion,

Mike and Lisa Steeves