God and Art Series: Artist finds herself in graphic arts

The right kind of logo or card can really help a business gain a memorable identity, and there are several shops on Etsy that offer this service. One of those shops that stands out is Marina Graphic Design. Marina opened her shop at the end of 2011. She is excited to offer custom design for everyone - logos, birthday cards, business card templates, motivational posters, brochures, flyers and layouts, among other items.

Marina is a self-taught graphic designer who lives in southwest England. "I am Christian, married and have a little baby boy," Marina says. "I have always been carrying a creative soul since I was a little child. I used to love doing handcrafts activities at home, painting, drawing and writing poems."

   Marina Graphic
Marina studied communications, learning about design tools, and found that she enjoyed graphic arts. "I think I found myself in creating designs with a personal touch," she says. "I think that if I had not studied communication, I would have studied graphic arts. I love playing with colours, all sorts of shapes and form. I get inspired looking at my baby, walking outside in the forest, or simply listening to music!"

Marina Graphic Designs
Marina's talent came in handy in 2010 when, while pregnant, she lost her job. "For me, this was very hard to accept but I discovered that God let that happen so I could start my own business," she says. "I can only thank him for everything that is happening to me. If I find myself artistic today, it is because he put the talent in me. So I decided to use my talent and open my shop on Etsy as it seems so popular. I created my shop [at the] end of December, 2011 and really started [it] in January, 2012. Now in May, I can say that I really enjoy doing graphic design and being able to help so many small businesses with tight budget, but also individuals. I would like to grow to inspire other women that even at home it is possible to do something that will benefit someone else!"

In her shop, Marina sells digital designs that her customers can print on their personal computers. "I also accept any custom order. You may find you are looking for a home planner, some jam stickers, a birthday card, or a new logo and a brochure for your business. In my shop I will be offering a variety of designs so come and check it out regularly. I am adding a new listing everyday!" she says.
Marina Graphic Design
"My goal is to expand the range of designs I am selling in my online shop," Marina says. "I would also like to buy a professional cut machine and professional printer to be able to print myself and not doing only a digital service. I also would like to keep some benefits for a project I would love to do in India. I would like to be able to send some sort of survival kit for girls and women who are abused and suffering badly in India. I need some funds. By buying in my shop, you are supporting this too!"

In her business, Marina always tries to satisfy every customer. "I am a self-taught graphic designer and you may find that I am not qualified. I would say that I love to design and always try to do my best to satisfy every customer that I may have."

In her life Marina says that she has learned to appreciate paintings, listen to music and look at God's work in nature. Her relationship with God greatly affects who she is. "I did not have an instant transformation as some people would testify for their life," she says. "But God has changed me, moulded me, little by little, step by step to the woman I am today.

"God is really part of my art. He is the one who give me inspiration and opened the doors for new projects," she says.
Marina Graphic Design