The beach and here comes the bride ... and groom

I've been gone for a few days. Two Saturdays ago after spending all of Friday in airports, Mike and I were taking in the sand and surf on Core Banks, N.C. with his sister Susie, her husband Louie and their granddaughter Natasha.

Here is a gallery of the pictures:

Core Banks

Can you believe the beauty of that place? We traveled all the way to the end of the cape where the island, Core Banks, disappears into the Atlantic Ocean, and the ship-eating shoals of the central of the Carolina Capes are formed.. We go there every year to get our annual fill of seafood, shells and sun.

Before I went on vacation, there was a mad whirl in the Writing Places Handmade Items Workshop. I've been making more boxes for people to use as favors or gift boxes. This time, however, I'm doing something different. Due to the fact that I'm getting tired of having tons of matches filling jars in my cupboards, and after checking the price of buying small empty matchboxes in bulk, I decided to buy a Sizzix die cutter and make them myself.

The die cut version is larger. I have two sizes so I will have to charge more than $1, but they are made completely from recycled chipboard (I'm starting to get a pile of old cereal boxes and the like. Even gas stations and Sonic are not safe from my collection efforts. They have nicely weighted drink carriers). They are turning out very nice if I do say so myself. ;0)

Here is a set that I posted in my Etsy store last night:



Each box is 5-1/4 x 3-5/8 by 1-1/8 inches (picture a 3 x 5 card with height). They are completely customizable, meaning that you can change the colors of the clothing, jewelry, flowers, or the skin tone on the bride.

What I like about these boxes is that they have real texture. The ribbons, buttons and lace are the real thing. I've also quilled the flowers.

These boxes are huge. Large enough to fit in a small gift, such as a nice heirloom handkerchief for the bride or a gift card for the groom. They will also fit several pieces of candy or jewelry.

They are also not limited to weddings because you can buy each box separately and give one to that special person for a graduation, prom, quinceaƱera, baptism or whatever you like.

Tomorrow I plan to feature more boxes on my blog. Hope you like them!