New jewelry at Two of Hue

Guess what, friends. Mary of Two of Hue informed me that her shop is open again. I wrote a post about her Symbol of Life necklace the other day.

Here's some of her new eco jewelry:

Pretty, huh?

To make her jewelry, Mary said that she bought "some miscellaneous lots of pieces and broken jewelry combined with newer findings (jump rings)." From that point she looks at the pieces until she comes up with some ideas. Here's what Mary had to say about the Ben Franklin necklace: "The Ben Franklin coin I bought as well as the chain and coin holder, replaced the older style clasp with a new one. This necklace feels good on, very substantial."

As I said before, Mary also specializes in upcycling everyday objects, like plastic bags and denim, to turn them into something useful and special. Hop on over to Two of Hue and take a look!