What's going on with Yahbut

I've been slack in my posting to Yahbut and for that I apologize. It's great to see people hitting the site from all over the world - even places that during my childhood were closed to the outside like Russia and the Eastern European countries. Now I see that we're reaching to South America and for the first time someone in Spain has connected. The age of the Internet is quite amazing.

Louie, Susie and me at Monument Lake.
The reason I have not been posting is because my inlaws, Louie and Susie, came out from North Carolina and we were in a whirlwind of activity showing them Colorado and attending games of their nieces and nephews whom they had never met. Next week I plan to show you pictures of our travels. We attended the Mennonite Relief Sale in Rocky Ford, Colorado and drove on the Highway of Legends in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests. We had a blast.

Before I post about these trips, however, I want to share a fascinating story about Michelle Ernsthausen, owner of Glimmer of Beauty on Etsy in another God and Art installment. This post will appear Friday, Oct. 26. Can you believe it's almost November? That means Thanksgiving and Christmas and, and ... Okay. Breathe.

Unpacking Forgiveness
Next week I'm also going to start a series on forgiveness with a book that I just bought called Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds by Chris Brauns. I can't wait to start reading it, especially since posting The Cursing Psalms and Dealing with Enemies.

So that's what's coming up on Yahbut. I hope you will all stay tuned.