God and Art Series: The word in art

Today's God and Art Series will feature art work from Etsy that incorporates the word of God. Such as:


Using the Bible, or God's word, is nothing new in the artistic realm. For centuries, monks made exquisite pages for Bibles using calligraphy and illumination to communicate the message of God's word.
Here is an example of a watercolor painting that artist Kathy Whitesel painted in the same tradition.


In today's markets, water coloring is much more economical. In the Middle Ages, the monks used real gold and silver to illuminate their manuscripts!

Embroidery, also a centuries-old art, is also used:

 With the dawn of computers, graphic arts and design, there are more possibilities for creativity. This is a framed exposition of the word joy, using scripture references where the word is found, as background:

 Here is a beautiful example of God's word in Hebrew. This artist paints the words right into her picture.

 Artist Tali Mishni tells us that the Hebrew says: "Hashem in the heavens is your kindness, your faithfulness is until the upper heights (Psalm Chapter 36, Verse 6).

Subway art is the rage right now and is an interesting way to relay a message.


There are many ways to express God's word in art. Here are a few more examples:





Enjoy your weekend, everyone!