God and Art series - Artist gifted during low time

In the low times of life, God can use art to help heal the soul. Such was the case for Carolyn, owner of EverythingsPainted on Etsy. "I really began my art career while recovering from a hysterectomy. Yuck," Carolyn says. "Actually, while resting one afternoon in my backyard, I was enjoying the nature around me and had an urge to paint. I became obsessed -- God-driven though. I felt it was God's gift to me since I could not have children at that point. What a blessing it has been for me. About a decade later I adopted my daughter, a further blessing."

Here is some of her work:

A self-taught artist, Carolyn teaches art to senior citizens and works part-time at a grocery store. She loves teaching art. "Many of my students have vision problems and difficulty with hand use. Together we have fun and explore painting many things in watercolor and acrylic. Most of them have never painted, but through this class they get to experience a wonderful art form and it gives them so much pleasure and joy. A few of them were fabulous when younger and love rediscovering their skill. Others find they actually are very good and can enjoy this new talent in their late years - a blessing to me," she says.

"Because of life events, my hysterectomy, career changes, etc., art has been there for comfort as well as financial assistance," Carolyn says. Over the years, she has juried into art shows and has shown her work at many prestigious places. "I am grateful for the opportunities and doors that have opened for me," she says.

Carolyn says that her painting "feels like a prayer of gratefulness and a blessing to and from God." She was raised a Catholic, but says that she really didn't understand her relationship to God through Jesus Christ until she was about 30. "I was at a low point, and family members shared with me that only Jesus could meet my needs and give me answers. When I sought him, he met me and through his word I found a living God who is ready and able to bless me, teach and guide me," she says.

According to her profile on Etsy, Carolyn is learns from others and enjoys experimenting with new media and art techniques. "I have painted wonderful murals, all types of furniture and accessories as a side-studio business as well as creating and selling my paintings. I enjoy painting animals, botanical, and miniature art (ACEO cards). I have donated art to children, silent auctions, and pet charities. I have been invited and have collaborated on two Orange County Philharmonic Houses of Design," she says.

"I began as a botanical water colorist, but when I began my mural and decorative painting career in 1992, I used acrylic. I love watercolor as it is fluid and when I wet the paper and watch the color spread and take shape, it thrills me. Anything having to do with the natural world is my favorite subject. I painted a 'big cat' series along with botanical flowers. That was so much fun as I love animals and flora. My inspirations are almost always things God-made over man-made subjects."

Carolyn encourages others to enjoy his or her artistic gift. "It truly is God's gift to you. Sharing it with others is a blessing. If a piece goes south, never give up on it - most things are salvageable," she says.