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Hey there crafters, especially you knitters and crocheters!  As the news reports coming from the area hit by Hurricane Sandy decrease, we need to remember that there is still a need in that area. I found this plea on the blog of Lion Brand Yarn and thought I'd share. Also, my friend Dr. Joe Gorman has sent out a request for Compassion for Africa - an organization that this blog and my Etsy shop support.

First the handcrafted items. The website that originally shared this information was Bev's Country Cottage.

Accepting Handmade and other items:

From my friend Iris... "Here is the name/address/e-mail of the charity in Brooklyn, New York City who is taking the following (they told me they will take "in-kind" items), in GOOD condition only:

"warm clothes for babies and winter wear for other ages."

Here is how to contact them:

Red Hook Initiative

767 Hicks Street

Brooklyn New York 11231

Phone: 718-858-6782

Fax: 718-852-4984


More on redhook and needs---

Handcrafted Items for Seniors

"A friend in New York City donates to the Visiting Nurse Service of NY, and they would welcome handcrafted items for hurricane victims. Baby to elderly and everyone in-between. Washable yarn probably best."(Carol) Items can be sent asap.

Kathy Harrington, Volunteer Coordinator

Visiting Nurse Service of New York

107 E. 70th Street

New York, NY 10021

Warm Items Needed

From Mikey at the Crochet Crowd (two addresses for churches, please donate handmade items if you can):

Hurricane Sandy Relief c/o

Worship & Praise Community Church

11 Olympia Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305

They are collecting new hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, toys for kids, gently used coats, household products...

Shelters in Need

There are many shelters who are requesting sweatshirts, sweats, Depends, socks and underwear XL+

This particular shelter is serving medical/special needs persons.

You could call them to find out specifically about their needs

Park Slope Armory, 361 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Phone: (212) 912-2580)

Request for Handmade Items

Items may be sent for now to Suzy Allen Designs, 31 Jeremy Circle, Nesconset, NY 11767

Items that are needed are cold weather items like






Please handmade items only and please let me know what’s on the way so we can let our postal carrier know!

You can find her on ravelry:

Make it Better Craftalong for Sandy Relief

Make hats, scarves, socks, blankets and more to warm the east coast affected by this storm.

Find them on Facebook

Items can be mailed to:

Natalie Soud

Soho Grand Hotel

310 W. Broadway

New York, NY 10013

Compassion for Africa

With Christmas just a short six weeks away, Compassion for Africa wants to help you with ideas for meaningful gifts that will change the world in Jesus' name for needy girls, boys, and families. All these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on a loved one’s face and change the life of the recipient. Here’s our gift guide:

Pigs for Vulnerable Girls and Children with Handicaps

  • A gift of $50 for a pair of pigs will provide a teenage girl in NE Ghana living savings account for school fees, school supplies, and personal items. A pair of pigs also prevents girls as young as 12 from being brutally forced and sold by their fathers into polygamous marriages.

  • A pair of pigs for a child with a handicap can help the child attend school. Even if the child is physically unable take care of the pigs, their family will benefit from the pigs thus improving the wellbeing of the child and the entire family.

Metal sheets, doors, malaria netting, and windows for the Annie Gorman Medical Clinic in Namankwan, northeastern Ghana.

  • $10 for a piece of metal sheeting for the roof (as soon as the roof is completed, two local Nazarene nurses, who also happen to be pastors, will start seeing patients at the clinic)

  • $25 for a door (10 external and internal doors are needed)

  • $20 for each malaria net to cover the 10 windows of the clinic (this is a health regulation of the government of Ghana)

  • $100 for each of the 10 windows (this will cover the metal frames, glass, and installation of security bars)

Sewing machines

  • $200 will provide a teenage girl with a sewing machine, start-up materials such as needles, thread, sewing material, and scissors as well as a two-year apprenticeship with a local master seamstress.

Community Well

  • $3,200 will provide everything needed for a community well--a bore hole drilled well, concrete lining, a pump, and a concrete cap. Community wells provide clean water for 1,000+ people in a local community every day.

Please designate on your check the particular gift you are giving. Since Compassion for Africa is a small and nimble organization, we can guarantee that your gifts will go exactly for the purpose and project you designate.

We are in the process of designing a “Thank You” card on the Compassion for Africa website that you can print off and send to the loved one in whose honor you are purchasing one or more of the above gifts. We hope to have this online by Thanksgiving.

Be sure to check out the new look of Thank you to and God bless Mike Steeves for his many hours of work!

Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support. They really are changing the world one girl, one boy, one family, one community at a time for the glory of God and the healing of the world in Christ.