God and Art Series: The Saints

Last week was All Saints Day. I didn't do the God and Art Series installment that I wanted to for that day, so here it is this week.

There really shouldn't be just the one day  set aside to observe the lives of the saints. We should look to their example everyday. They are not more important than Jesus, of course, but we can be helped by learning about their lives and reading their writings. Many of them have inspired, or even founded, orders and organizations that have served humankind for many centuries.

Art and the subject of the saints seem to go hand in hand. For centuries, artists have depicted saints who have inspired them to serve as a reminder of their lives and example. Here are some from modern artists on Etsy.
St. Catherine of Siena - InTheCompanyOfSaints

St. Archangel Michael Byzantine style - iconsart
St. Gabriel the Archangel - LuxMeaChristus
St. Benedict - medussasupplies
St. Tatiana - Hamedian Gallery

Have a great weekend, everyone. May the Lord bless you and protect you from all evil. May he lead you to everlasting life. Amen.