God and Art Series: God blesses artist with family

Are you looking for whimsical artwork that reflects the loving relationships of family? Then check out PatchworkFamilyArt on Etsy. Ruth-Mary of Sydney, New South Wales, Austrailia, illustrates tender-hearted and warm family relationships in her watercolor art. She also paints vintage items with sayings about home and family.

"I have been into creating since childhood and always loved to draw," Ruth-Mary says. "With the ebb and flow of life's seasons I have done different things at different times but I started doing watercolours when I was first married and loved it! I found it difficult to keep up with when my girls were little and have come back to it over the last few years."


The relationship with her girls inspires much of the artwork Ruth-Mary creates. She has three girls very close in age and has an interesting story about how her family came to be that may explain why it is so prominent in her art. "My family came to be in a slightly different way to normal," she says. "I was unable to conceive for eight years and during that time started the process of adoption. Our first beautiful daughter came from Taiwan and then during the process we also fell pregnant - God's sense of humour! So in the end we flew back from Taiwan with our Jaz then 12-months of age and our Kiki was born six weeks later! A couple of years later we felt led to add one more blossom to the nest and we fostered our third daughter Stell at three months of age. We are in the process of adopting her. This I guess this the long way of saying that my artwork I hope shows the preciousness of family and how we have been blessed."

Ruth-Mary is currently selling her artwork on Etsy and also Madeit, out of Austrailia. "I do only a few markets as time because my family is my top priority," she says. "During the last few months I have been doing more customised artwork for individual clients - I find this fun and exciting! I haven't been selling a full year yet so I still feel very much like I am just starting out!"

Feeling inspiration on a daily basis, Ruth Mary finds that she does not have enough time to paint everything she thinks of. "I paint what I love and so I paint a lot of mother-child artworks," she says. "I am also a vintage lover and so I paint those too! I am attracted to illustration and particularly watercolours because of the way the water does its own thing on the page and so you are never fully in control! I am very visual and love the look of watercolours.


"I have a number of goals that I am working towards. I guess time is my greatest hurdle because I can't do everything fast enough! I am doing a design course at the moment so I will be producing some fabric which I am so excited about and I would also love to be involved in illustrating a book," she says.

Ruth-Mary hopes that her relationship with God shines through her art. She was raised in a "loving Christian family" and made the decision to follow God on her own. "I carried that faith into my marriage," she says. "When I think about my art and my faith I really hope that I am conveying the love that God has shown to me. He carried me through some dark days and I hope my art is positive and a blessing to the people who receive it. God is creator and when I am creating I do see a sense of having some of his attributes - like a family resemblance!"

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