Lent: Day 2

So we got through Ash Wednesday still committed to not eating junk food. Our definition of junk food includes chocolate, potato chips, Fritos, pop, candy, cookies, cake, pie, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. What we do allow ourselves to eat are things like tortilla chips and french fries (as long as they are included in a meal). We're just trying to get away from all that snacking on stuff that isn't good for the body.

Even the first day wasn't easy, however, because the lovely ladies at our town library gave Mike this because they are grateful for all the work he does on their computers:

This looks pretty healthy because it has antioxidants in it right? That's what Mike said. They're 'health food.' It was a not-so-subtle ploy, I think. It still has chocolate, although it's dark chocolate, which is healthier. I thought, "If I eat that on the first day, I'll be blowing it because if it's really good, I will want more." So we didn't. Mike was really good too. I even tested him by asking him if the pomegranate seeds were good. He was insulted that I would think that he would fall so soon.

Then, a few hours later, Mike and I went to Village Inn on a date. The kids had gotten me a gift certificate for my birthday and said that I should take Mike out. Thanks, guys! We had a great time, but it was free-pie-slice-night. Mike asked the waitress if she would wrap up our slices in a take-home container and she was quite happy to do so. We gave those nice, delectable pieces of cherry pie with the flaky, buttery crust to Jon and Stephen, who probably worked it off going downstairs to their rooms.

Ah, the day passed and we stayed true to our commitment.

Last night before I went to bed I read this:

"... Lent ... is not merely a time of giving up pleasures and dwelling on one's sins. The giving up of pleasures is intended to make one mindful of how easy it is to fall into bad habits or indulgent behavior. The sacrifices should lead to reform and to turning back toward the healthy and holy in one's daily life ..."

Pretty interesting, I thought. That was from this little book I picked up at the Benet Hill Monastery:

I thought the prayer at the end of the first chapter devotional was fitting:

God of all my days, guide me in this Lent, forgive me my past failings and help me to become more pure and holy by this special time of grace. May my efforts in this season lead to true and lasting changes for your greater glory.

Amen - so be it.