How Yahbut came to be


I got the name of this blog from my kids. There are so many times when my husband and I tell them to do something that their first response is “Yeah, but…” that I’ve taken to jumping around like a frog croaking “yahbut, yahbut, yahbut…”

We live in a society of “Yah buts.” A lot of people today—especially in the church—are unhappy with the status quo. They are not inclined to accept the answers that have been fed to them all of their lives. They want a real and deeper experience. They want to think and to not be persecuted for doing so. They want all there is of God.

America was once called a Christian nation. Now it is a spiritual nation. According to Newsweek magazine 79 percent of Americans consider themselves spiritual, but many are not seeking the answer to their spiritual need inside the church. Many say that they like Jesus, but do not really like Christians.

There is an attitude within the church of “accept this or else,” or “accept this because the Bible says so…” and Americans have never liked anyone telling them what to do or think. Americans want to think and believe because what they believe and think is reasonable. People also want to see believers who will really live what they believe.

We, as a church, need to get a handle on that.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of our American cultural mindset is not right, but it is a cultural mindset. Without changing our message, we need to present and live the gospel in such a way that our people will understand and accept.

So, I offer you “Yahbut.” A blog that I hope will challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to consider Jesus and to live out for others what he has to offer.