New Journal Covers at WritingPlaces

There are new journal covers at Writing Places, with more on the way. These journal covers are padded and fit over a simple composition book that you can find where your store keeps its school notebooks. Of course, with your purchase you will receive a blank composition notebook already snugly bound within the cover.

Have I ever told you how Writing Places got started? It had to do with journals. At the end of 2010, I had quit my job at the local paper over ethical differences and I was in a quandary about what to do. I did not want to work for someone else at that point. I wanted to be my own boss. One day I was reading Country Living magazine and I found an article about a popular seller on Etsy. I decided to check the site out and I really liked it, but had no idea of what to do.

The next day, as I was driving to Jennifer's Hair and Nail Salon, where I get my haircut and I asked the Lord what I should do. The phrase "greeting cards" flashed in my head and I thought, "Okay. Can I get some confirmation on that?"  Well, that day as Rosie, a lady who cuts hair better than anyone I have ever gone to, and I were talking we started discussing what kinds of shops she would like. She wanted something with stationery, cards, stickers, and stuff that she could use for writing. The next thing she asked was "Hey, could you make a journal cover for my daughter? She likes to write too." In my heart, it seemed like there was my confirmation to start a shop and for the first time in weeks, I was excited.  I agreed to make the journal cover and Rosie told me what she wanted.

The ideas did not stop there. A few days later my husband suggested that I put some
crocheted items in my shop so I went over to Walmart to see what yarn they had (Walmart is our only retail store that sells yarn in this area). In the yarn aisle, I ran into Sarah and Debbie, a daughter and mother who went to my church. Sarah told me that she was getting yarn to make something for her shop.

"Wait. You have a shop?" I asked. It turned out that Sarah had a shop on Etsy and Facebook called TinyTeddies and was making hats for babies. That afternoon I picked up some yarn for a baby blanket and got to work that evening.

Since that time, Writing Places has developed into a store where you can buy items to Write it Down, Send it Out and Feel Good While Doing It. You can write your thoughts in our journals send out your thoughts on greeting cards and feel good with our crocheted items while you are writing. We also have another way to feel good. If you purchase Uhuru, the Pig, we will donate $10 to Compassion for Africa, a Christian charity that seeks to help the African people by providing sewing machines, pigs and water. The sewing machines and pigs help young girls earn a living so that they do not have to marry young.

So, let's talk about the journals. After I made that first journal for Rosie, she began ordering more. She would give me the color scheme and then leave the rest up to me. Subsequently, I found a good pattern and began cranking the journals out for her. Not only has Rosie been using hers for Bible study, but she has also started giving them as gifts to her family and friends. That's exciting!

Now I am making the journal covers available in my shop and you can purchase one for $15 plus shipping and handling. The journals have a large front pocket and on the inside, there are two more pockets, one for business cards, and the other for writing utensils. Each cover has a bookmark as well. To get more views of these journals, go to WritingPlaces on Etsy.

Also, we're getting closer to our 100th sale. As soon as WritingPlaces reaches that goal, we're going to have a party! Stay tuned for more details.