Spring is full of miracles

The older I get, the more I love spring. Spring means new life after a long winter. When I was young I didn't like spring because it reminded me that summer was coming and I am not a fan of really hot weather.

Now, I enjoy spring. Seeing the world come back to life is amazing.

The family and I were out the other day for a bike ride on Road CC west of Swink. It was getting close to sunset and there were billowy clouds to the south. Toward the west we could see the Southern Mountains. As the sun continued to go down a light haze rested over fields that were just beginning to sprout new growth.

It was a lovely evening. The birds were chirping. The breeze blew gently and it was warm enough to wear a light jacket. All of us enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.

One of my favorite things about spring is sitting in my bay window right now: seedlings. We're going to plant a garden this year so we are growing some of our own plants. I love to watch the little seedlings stretch out of the dirt, some still clinging to the hull of the seed that brought them life.

I witnessed this miracle for the first time in Michigan. We had a large garden and I enjoyed watching the plants grow and develop. The fact that one small seed could produce hundreds of green beans, melons, tomatoes or peppers is still amazing to me.

One small seed, planted in the ground quietly dies and is gloriously transformed into something bigger, better and beneficial to humanity.

In Romans 1 Paul writes, "Ever since the creation of the world (God's) invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made."

When I witness the miracle of the seed, I think of this verse because what happened to the seed happened to Jesus, who died and then was placed in a tomb. Three days later he rose again into something glorious, new and better--a new covenant, a new life for those who believe, a definite benefit to humankind.

There are other lessons to learn from the garden and from nature, so perhaps I will write about those later. This lesson, however, is one of my favorites. New life, resurrection, is why we celebrate Easter. That's why we live in hope throughout the long winter and welcome spring.