God and Art Series - Artist uses God's images in her work

In the bustling port of Morehead City, North Carolina, lives an artist who can testify that God is not limited by anything. Writer, crafter and graphic artist Feon Davis, who owns Personal Gifts, an Etsy store, makes pillows and gift boxes, and writes poems that she displays attractively on bookmarks and other media. Feon's heart is in her work and she knows that God ministers through her and to her despite any limitations she suffers from a disability with which she was born.

"This affects some things with my functions," Feon says. "My hobbies include mostly writing; or if I have the components, rebuilding my computer; I design free banners and play games."

Feon, who has been writing poetry since the age of nine, has been featured in several publications. "I am featured on sites such as for one of my love poems. I am in the "Forever Friends" anthology, along with Divine magazine and I have published a poem in Breakwater Newspaper at a community college. Soon I will have article about myself published in in P.E.A.S magazine. These are just few I am published with. Otherwise, I have no award trophy or plaque for poet of the year, which would be nice," she says.

Feon has received awards for her Web site In the Arms of God. Her work can also be found at Address My Love, Hearts, Minds and Souls As OneMiniature MADE and Poetry Gifts. Feon is on Facebook.

Some of the work that can be found in Feon's Etsy shop, Personal Gifts appears throughout this article.

To make her handmade items, Feon uses the images she receives through God. "From there I design it and use my hands make it. My medium is graphic software to design my poem bookmarks. I also laminate the bookmarks. I work with Print Master, Microsoft Word and (Adobe) Acrobat Reader," she says. Feon hand- and machine-sews her pillows. She uses non-toxic glue and non-toxic glitter for her gift boxes.

"I guess what draws me is the creativity that God has given me. I just love creating something - using the images I get and adding on to it. Especially, when it comes to my writing Christian faith-centered poems for encouragement and love poems. Love is of him," Feon says.

The inspiration behind Feon's work comes from her relationship with God, which began at her birth. "He spared me and my mother when I was about to be murdered," she says. "I was being born in the hospital when a woman who was not of the staff of the hospital tried to kill my mother who was about to give birth to me. Both of my parents are Christian folks and they instilled Holy Bible verses to us. I believe God's love throughout the 30 years of my life and how he has ministered his love to my spirit and heart are expressed through my poems. This depends on what he says too. I would wake up to his whispers of words and I had to get up and write his praises."

Feon applies these words to paper, cards, bookmarks or canvas so that others can see it. God ministers to her through this creative process and that translates into her work.

She was also inspired by an "exciting" elementary school art teacher who taught her how to design books using wallpaper, construction paper, paper and paints. She later used the techniques to bind her books of poems that she sells on Etsy.

Feon enjoys receiving "blessful" comments on her writing and hopes to sell all that she has through "God's ministering hand."

"I encourage any and all whether they are born with a disability or not, to not give up and pray even when you have good day and for others. And let God be your guide and listen to and read scripture in the Holy Bible to give you the words to write about his love," Feon says.